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  • Principles of the” Arctiline” trademark

(Certificate of Registration is issued fot the EU trade mark 05/02/2021 No 018317762)

Clothing must not only be beautiful, but also of high quality, functionality and safety. We carefully control and track every stage of production: from conception to delivery of the goods to the buyer. Every day, we are thinking about how to improve the model, introduce new parts and elements, test them, and then provide services to you. Our brand serves parents who want their children to love and wait for the winter as much as the summer.

Since we are very concerned about the quality of clothing, we only use time-tested materials:

  • Natural insulation down-feather
  • Shelter Children Insulation (нужно ли про это писать?)
  • DuPont TeFlon water repellent coating
  • Ultra-Pore breathable fabric
  • Anti-allergenic strips
  • Reflective elements

Through the unique material impregnation, the combination of waterproof and air circulation is realized. All models are made of soft, well-protected from the cold, wear-resistant fabrics that look like new even after repeated washings. The material has the unique ability to release excess heat, so in cold weather, the child's body remains dry and warm when walking for a long time. Windproof, waterproof-breathable fabric-reliable wind, rain and snow protection. And the precise and elaborate design of our models provides complete freedom of movement and ease of operation, as well as facilitates the care of the product.


  • Security and convenience

When manufacturing our products, we try to provide convenience and safety for your children. Our products feature the best design, combining the latest trends in children’s fashion with the functions necessary to make your child understand the world around them. Cuffs made of soft knitted fabrics with special elastic bands on the trouser- legs for protection. They are protected from damage, snow and moisture. Detachable hood decorated with removable natural fur. We also pay attention to safety-all our products have reflective elements: reflective edges, ribbons and decorative elements. When selecting accessories, we only use verified high-quality materials that have passed compulsory certification and comply with all European standards. All metal fittings are nickel-free.


  • The following types of insulation are used in our clothing:

Goose down-feather insulation

This is a natural traditional thermal insulation material. The down/feather is a natural thermal insulation material in all weather conditions. It is recommended that the insulating material be used in particularly harsh climate areas, with a maximum temperature of -30°C to -45°C (in dry frost areas). It is the most valuable layer of bird feathers, and it is light, free to breathe, and easy to absorb large amounts of air. Natural down provides pleasant warmth and eliminates the risk of overheating. After mechanical compression, the down can quickly restore its volume and thermal properties. Its finished product has a small shipping volume and has excellent durability. This unique property can be explained by the structure of the down. The down is composed of individual downs. On the one hand, the down repels and on the other hand enters each other under pressure. It is one of the highest qualities and most expensive fillers for down jackets. The ideal ratio of this filling: 90% or 80%  is down and 10% or 20% is feather. The composition has the greatest thermal protection performance. Add feathers to the insulating material so that the down does not settle or form clumps. It is used as a frame to keep the product in a longer shape. The design does not allow the down to fall off.

Insulation Shelter Kids (Shelter Kids)

Shelter ® is a state-of-the-art insulation of our own production of the shelter brand, which is a thermally bonded high-volume non-woven materials specially designed for use in the production of high-quality outerwear.

The shelter got its name from the English word "shelter" - a reliable shelter. This non – woven material is the best option for insulation for sewing products. It is environmentally friendly, does not cause allergies, and successfully combines a number of operational properties: good breathability, thermal insulation, uniform structure, good drapery, and reduced fiber migration.

Heaters under the brand name of the shelter are made on a unique Russian equipment using microfiber.

The quality of insulation is confirmed by various certificates and numerous tests in independent laboratories. Shelter ® is designed to take into account the Russian climatic conditions and reproduces the structure of the natural lining of valuable furs (sable and mink) as accurately as possible, and thanks to the finest microfibres, it provides excellent protection from the cold.

Shelter Kids-designed for sewing children's clothing. It is made of fine fibers, which makes the material especially warm and soft. Allows the child to move actively. Easily erased without loss of properties. Dry quickly. The safety of insulation for children is confirmed by the certificate of conformity Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 issued by the textile testing Institute Hohenstein Institute, Germany.


  • Collections

Our collections include clothing for different age groups:


- for the nursery group from 0 to 3 years

- for preschool children from 3 to 7 years old

- school and adolescent ages from 7 to 15 years