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Care recomendations

Children love to play outside, run through puddles, ride down slides and often come home already in dirty clothes. But do not swear when your fidget once again comes home dirty, because the quality and heat-shielding properties of our down jackets can be easily kept the same if you know how to properly wash and care for the products.


Our recommendations for taking care of your down at home:

Washing is possible only in washing machines, in a delicate mode at a temperature not exceeding 30 C

Use specialized lint-free detergents without bleach

Use a specialized lint-free detergent without bleach

Wash the product together with balls (4-5 pieces) to prevent lint from caking

Be sure to use the rinse mode to avoid streaking

Remove all removable parts from the main product

Wash your down jacket buttoned

After washing, hang it to dry on a hanger in a warm room, and periodically shake it and spread the fluff with your hands.

It is strictly forbidden:

Wash with powders containing whitening or tinting properties

Dry on a towel or other things

Tumble dry in direct sunlight

Dry the product on or near heating appliances

Dry the down jacket for more than 2 days

Store downy items compressed and in a damp place

Store next to things that have a pungent smell, if you do not want your down jacket to groin in the same way

Edge care

Most of our products have a natural fur edge and you also need to know how to care for it. To keep it as smooth and fluffy as possible, we recommend:


Do not be afraid to comb the edge. If you need to fluff it up or straighten caked pile, then comb it with a special fur brush or a regular comb with sparse teeth. Do this with little effort.

If the result is not satisfactory, then the edge can be steamed. To do this, you must use a garment steamer or a vertical steamer iron. The outlet of the steam generator must not be pressed close to the fur - it is necessary to make sure that the steam only slightly touches the surface of the fur, otherwise “welding” of the flesh and damage to the product may occur. The steam flow should be kept at a distance of 50-60 cm from the fur surface.

The steamed edge must be dried at room temperature, and then combed again.

It is strictly forbidden:

Do not let varnish and perfume get on the fur, as its fibers can stick together, and this also dries out the flesh. It is quite difficult to clean up such contamination afterwards.

High temperatures are contraindicated for drying fur. In no case should you dry the fur with a hair dryer, on a battery and near other heating devices, as it deforms, and the flesh dries up and shrinks.

Exceptionally clean and dry fur can be brushed

We hope that you will follow our advice and the service life of your products will increase several times.